Progression Levels

Beginner 0: Not confident in the water

Beginner 1: Confident Floater—front and back

                    Retrieving objects

Beginner 2:  Stroking—freestyle and backstroke

                     Streamlined body

                     Introducing breathing

Beginner 3:  Breathing confidently—15 metres

                     Backstroke—15 metres

                     Introducing breathing

                     Learning to dive 

                     Introducing breaststroke

Beginner 4: Breathing confidently—25 metres

                    Backstroke— 25 metres

                    Breaststroke— 15 metres

                    Dive and swim

All swimmers will be placed in a class/level best suited to their ability and needs.

Tauranga Swimming Club also offers a full squad programme for Development, Junior, Senior and Adult Swimmers